Why Westmont?

Character. Faith. Excellence.

Discover the Value of Westmont

Professional Value


“Westmont has a very dedicated and demonstrated emphasis on leadership.”

- Mark Zoradi
   CEO, Cinemark, 2015-2021

Westmont College is a place that invests in students’ professional journeys. Students participate in a variety of internships during their time at Westmont, quickly find jobs after graduating, and earn top-tier mid-career salaries. Westmont College provides intentional resources, mentoring, and a strong network so that students have all that they need to begin their professional journeys.

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Financial Value

We want to make Westmont College affordable! According to LendEDU, Westmont College is the second-ranked school in California for helping students afford tuition. We provided $39 million in grants and scholarships last year, benefiting 95% of our student body!

Financial Aid

Educational Value


“This process of having discussions and asking questions...We’re asking the right questions.”

- Dr. Charity Dean
   Founder/CEO, Public Health Company

As the top-ranked Christian liberal arts college in California, Westmont College pushes students to new academic levels. Our exceptional approach to education, small class sizes, distinguished faculty, and robust liberal arts curriculum challenge students to think deeply and learn broadly in their field, providing high-quality, faith-based education.

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Develop The Foundation For Your Future


Video: Leading Conversation - David Brooks

Faith + Character Value

At Westmont College, we care about what students are doing AND about who they are becoming. We believe that investing in a Christian community, such as Westmont, is a fundamentally character-shaping decision. Our aim is to produce graduates who will lead in every sphere of society with a firm moral compass.

Statement of Faith Chapel

“Westmont has become my home away from home…and the kind of conversations that we have here, the kind of people I’ve gotten a chance to be with year after year have become valuable to me.”

- David Brooks
   Columnist, The New York Times
   Commentator, “PBS NewsHour," NBC’s “Meet the Press”

Lifestyle Value


“The foundations were laid for me at Westmont…The kind of student Westmont is turning out is remarkable…and critical for the future of the Faith and the future of our country.”

- Denise Jackson
Westmont College Board of Trustees
Vice President of HR, Pacific Clinics

Westmont College is a place that students truly enjoy! The rich community, vibrant student life, and incredible location contribute to the wonderful sense of Westmont becoming your home during your time here.

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Philanthropic Value

The Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art, named for Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree, opened in the heart of Westmont’s campus during the 2010-11 season. She has donated 20 significant works of art to the college, including originals by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot and seven paintings by Barbizon artists.

Student Philanthropy Giving Societies

"I just wish there was more to give. Of course, giving of your means is only part of it — it’s giving of yourself. Because many times you don’t have money to give or it isn’t money that’s important. It's what you give of yourself — your energy."

- Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree